Concepts of Dairy & Veterinary Sciences

Concepts of Dairy & Veterinary Sciences (CDVS) is an international journal established for the harvesting of animal milk – mostly from cows or goats, but also from buffaloes, sheep, horses or camels – for human consumption. A dairy is typically located on a dedicated dairy farm or in a section of a multi-purpose farm that is concerned with the harvesting of milk. Dairy Research is the field that deals with the Dairy and animal breeding, Physiology, Cell biology and endocrinology of lactation, animal science, milk production and composition, Biotechnology and food technology, properties of milk proteins and other components, dairy products such as cheese, fermented milks and spreads, relevant studies in bacteriology, enzymology and immunology, the use of milk products in other foods, and the development of methods related to Dairy Science. Dairy and Veterinary Science is a quarterly, open access, peer-reviewed journal aims to publish submissions/articles on current concepts in the field of veterinary, animal studies including animal nutrition, veterinary science physiology, veterinary medicine and behaviour, diagnosis, treatment and prevention among animal diseases including wild, domestic and avian, animal rehabilitation, animal therapy, animal care, animal physiotherapy, arthrography, Bovine Milk, Dairy Cows, Dairy Diseases, Dairy Farm, Health and Dairy Products, Homogenized Milk, Milk Born Diseases, Pasteurization, Skimmed Milk related to dairy science, etc.