Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture

Trends in Civil Engineering and its Architecture (TCEIA) welcomes highly qualified articles to promote major advances in Civil Engineering and its Architecture. The Journal covers processing, application, designing, development and performance if construction materials in civil engineering. The prime criterion for considering publication of manuscripts in our journal is whether the studies provide major advances into answering important questions relevant to constructional engineering. Topics included are Trends in Civil engineering, Coastal Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, Geo-spatial Engineering, Highway Engineering, Railroad Engineering, Tunnel Engineering, Structural Mechanics, Building Construction Materials, Concrete Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Construction and Project Management, Information Technology etc. TCEIA particularly welcomes Original Research Papers which are original and unpublished in other Journals it also accepts Mini Reviews, Review Articles, Opinions, Editorials, etc. TCEIA is also interested in publishing manuscripts on designing part, in specific which leads to establishing new constructions with the use of material science knowledge. The journal accepts submissions from wide range of disciplines of both practical and theoretical studies. Contributions from both students and industry are equally supported.